What We Do

We have been creating 3D Crystal exquisite bespoke corporate gifts & awards since 1991

Our in-house artists are classically trained

Our artists breathe life and warmth into each Crystal Impressions creation. As classically trained artists, they bring a special depth and understanding to the creative process. The collections shimmer with detail and finesse. Each bespoke corporate gift and award is like a piece of fine art.

Our laser technology is state-of-the-art

Our sculptures are so detailed that they burst with life. We can also turn your favourite photo into a life-like crystal image. Contact us to learn more.

We work with glass of all shapes

We pick the crystal shape that fits your message, as the most appropriate shape really enhances it. Don’t feel limited only to standard cubes and rectangles, although of course they work extremely well for many different concepts. When you order a bespoke gift or award from us, we can even customise the shape.

We work with various materials

We produce many acrylic pieces in scenarios where our customers want to preserve a particular component. We can also produce awards using metal, wood or ever more popular 3D printed awards.

We are a member of the BPMA

We are a 10 year member of the BPMA – the British Promotional Merchandise Association.

Our Story

3D Crystal bespoke corporate gifts & awards since 1991


Someone in your company deserves an award or gift – and our job is to bring the seed of your idea into fruition, in the shape of an exquisite bespoke corporate award or gift. Since 1991 our team of in-house classically trained artists has worked according to the briefs of clients, like you, to create stunning bespoke corporate awards and gifts.

You may have very specific ideas, or you may prefer our help, to suggest themes that will delight the recipient. What we guarantee is that the end result will create the best impression.

Choose from beautiful sculptures that float in pure optical crystal, as well as our stunning designs, which use a variety of other materials such as 3D print, acrylic, resin and metal…and often we use combinations of materials. It’s all about imagination, creativity, artistic skill and of course excellent materials and processes.

3D Print Award 17
3D crystal cylinder glass prism RBS

Clients include The BBC, Mercedes, Barclays, the RAF, Bosch, Sky, Coca Cola, The Royal Bank of Scotland and many more...


Imagine practically any image, and we’ll create a custom-made piece for you. It may be a corporate image that you wish to incorporate into the bespoke design, or perhaps a symbolic image that is relevant to the occasion or recipient.


3d laser crystal award George Clooney

Multinationals, world leaders, celebrities…

Multi-national corporations have chosen Crystal Impressions for unique corporate gifts. In fact, celebrities and world leaders have enjoyed receiving Crystal Impressions products too. Our highly skilled artists painstakingly create collections built on themes, such as fairies, flowers, and animals, and many more. But you’re not limited to our ideas. We enjoy nothing more than to talk to you about a basic concept that you may have in mind, and develop this into an exquisite piece that will be received with joy and pride.

Crystal Impressions products can be found in over 5,000 retail stores all over the world. We have a stable of corporate clients that we have enjoyed creating bespoke awards and gifts for, over the years. If you want to be part of the Crystal Impressions network, we’d love to hear from you.

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